On-demand customer support – whenever you need it.

99¢ per closed ticket • No minimum payment • Turn on or off anytime
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“Dodox responds in a timely manner with consideration for our brand tone of voice and customer care approach. Highly recommend it!”

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Set up Dodox to reply to your customers on the weekends, in the evenings, or when they have specific questions.

One ticket or a thousand. Whatever suits your business best.

Want to test out Dodox before using it on your customers? Our test mode allows you to see our agent replies as internal notes to your tickets.

Support Experts

Dodox matches your customer emails with our best qualified support experts and gives your customers the support standard they’re used to.


Dodox connects with your ecommerce setup with a single click and uses machine learning to provide our support experts with everything they need to represent your brand and write accurate high-quality replies.

Our technology allows us to respond to around 50% of your emails from day one (and as much as 80% after just a couple of weeks).

Trusted by Shopify merchants like you

“Before Dodox, we had to work over-hours to react to spikes in customer support volumes. Now, Dodox is our back-up.”
“Thanks to Dodox, we could scale internationally without compromising on our customer service quality.”
Why Dodox?

Dodox scales up and down with your needs

Customize your settings, turn Dodox on, and watch as our support experts start providing your customers with on-brand, quality support. Whether it’s one ticket or a thousand.

99¢ per closed ticket

The first 50 resolved tickets are free!

Real support by real people

Dodox support experts are available around the clock.

On brand, quality support

We'll match your brand tone and support standards.

Scale fast and on-demand

We grow with you when and where you need it.

No minimum payments

Pay-as-you-go, whether it’s one ticket or a thousand.

Turn on / off anytime

You’re in control and can turn Dodox on and off whenever you want.

Start right away

50% tickets handled from day one; up to 80% after two weeks.

Zero people management

We'll onboard, train, and manage agents for you.

Try out test mode

Our agents will only add their replies as internal notes to your tickets.

Integrates with

Get the first 50 resolved tickets for free!

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About us

Dodox was founded by former Shopify executives Andrius and Tomas Slimas who spent the last ten years helping millions of ecommerce brands succeed.